Though an icon may have been successfully approved and uploaded, there's always the chance that one day it may no longer adhere with Iconfinder's newer and updated policies, or meet present day standards. Read below to learn what happens when this is the case.

1. Removal Policy: When necessary, icons may need to be removed. This policy outlines the official criteria for the removal of an icon and set.

2. Rest Mode: This policy outlines what happens when icons become outdated or underperform. In rest mode, icons will no longer appear in the regular search results, but will still be visible and available for purchase directly from the contributor’s shop page.

3. Offensive Content: This policy details the specifications for offensive content which may be removed, and will no longer be accepted.

4. Explicit Label: In order to allow for more sensitive accessibility and underage use, Iconfinder is implementing an explicit label for icons that meet the criteria described in this policy. In many cases this label will replace the “NSFW” category sets were previously placed in. Users will have the option to search for icons without any explicit icons appearing in the results.

5. Logos & Trademark Policy Intellectual property rights are incredibly important to us, which is why this policy clarifies when trademarks can and can’t be used for premium sale.

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