Over time certain icons may become outdated and no longer meet present day demands or standards. These icons have not violated any policy, but are simply ready for some well deserved downtime. "Rest mode" disables a set's icons from appearing in the regular search results, but will keep them visible and available for purchase directly from a contributor's shop page.

To be placed in rest mode, sets must first meet certain underperforming criteria before being considered for rest mode. Uniqueness, quality, rareness, market saturation, etc. are all important factors that will be weighed, and each set will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

An email or in-app message will be sent informing the contributor if a set has been placed in rest mode. If a contributor feels that their set no longer belongs in rest mode they can always send an email to customer service, and we'll be happy to re-consider it for normal publishing.

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