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Rest Mode

In order to keep the search results always looking fresh and current, some packs may be placed in rest mode.

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Over time certain content may become outdated and no longer meet present day demands or standards. This content have not violated any policy, but is simply ready for some well deserved downtime. "Rest mode" disables a pack's content from appearing in the regular search results, but will keep them visible and available for purchase directly from a contributor's shop page.

To be placed in rest mode, packs must first meet certain underperforming criteria before being considered for rest mode. Uniqueness, quality, rareness, market saturation, etc. are all important factors that will be weighed. Contributors will be notified via email every time a pack has been placed in rest mode.

Additionally, existing packs that are found in need of some major technical changes (such as white fill errors, or cropping mistakes) may temporarily be placed in rest mode until proper edits have been made and they're ready for republishing. If this is the case, an admin will notify the contributor with the specific request needed to be met before the pack may be republished.

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