Quick Guide to Iconfinder

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Tips and tricks for finding icons and illustrations

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Pro subscription

Information about how the Pro subscription works

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Getting started with Pro

This set of articles is made to help you quickly learn about the key features like the color editor, collections, and team collaboration. We’ll take you through some tips to make your work with icons and illustrations faster and more enjoyable.

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Purchasing and downloading

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Ownership and Licenses

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How to manage collections of bookmarked icons

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User account management

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Team plans

How to invite members to your team on Iconfinder

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Contributor's Handbook: Before uploading

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Contributor's handbook: Upload & Management

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Contributor's handbook: Sales & Cash-outs

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API solution

Integrate Iconfinder API into your app

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Bugs and technical questions

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Failing credit cards

Credit card errors when paying for subscriptions on Iconfinder

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Legacy editor

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