Iconfinder is a platform for designers to be creative and share their content with the world. While we deeply encourage contributors to constantly push artistic boundaries and upload unique and noteworthy content, it’s equally important that we maintain a safe and respectful site for our users. As a result, we do not accept (and will remove any current) icons that are deemed offensive, per our policy below.

Under no circumstances does Iconfinder tolerate the following:

  1. Icons that perpetuate offensive stereotypes, are derogatory or racist in nature, or glorify acts of violence, cruelty, and illegal misconduct.
  2. Icons of grave matters which are overly obscene, gory, or deliberately shocking.
  3. Tag words or icons containing text that is deemed highly vulgar or seen as hate speech.
  4. Icons that fall into any of the below categories and do not serve a clear educational, scientific, professional, social reform, or artistic purpose:

a) Violence, cruelty, terrorism, abuse

b) Physical and mental disorders, illness, addiction

c) illegal activity

In addition, Iconfinder may consider icons that depict inaccurate information as offensive. For icons related to maps and national status, we refer to the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs for reference.

Explicit Label:

Icons depicting mature content which are unsuitable for educational purposes, younger viewers, or common work-place settings, will be labeled as explicit. As a result, users will be able to choose whether they want explicit icons to appear in their search results or not.

Some topics that will be considered for the label include sexual acts and instruments, nudity, violence, and drug use. An icons tags and context within a set are also taken into consideration.


If you come across an icon that you believe needs to be removed or labeled as explicit, please flag it in the top right corner and an admin will review it shortly.

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