This article describes all features that can be used while searching for icons and illustrations.

The search is based on tags. Each item is tagged with 2-7 keywords that are related to what it represents. Our search is smart and powerful so you can narrow down the results and find exactly what you're looking for. You can begin searching by typing your keywords in the search bar.

1. Filter your results

Filter by price

Iconfinder offers free and premium content. You can choose between browsing through Free, Premium, or content of All prices.

Filter by style

If you are looking for content in a particular style, you can filter your results accordingly. Either choose the style from the menu or type it in the search bar.

Filter by categories

When you are looking for content within a specific category, you can choose the devoted one from the dropdown menu.

Filter by license

Different licenses allow different uses, so you can narrow down the search results to content for commercial use, content that don't require attribution, or premium content covered by the Basic License. If you are looking for free content for commercial use, don't forget to turn on the Free filter too.

Show only the handpicked gems

The Iconfinder team features the most beautiful packs in the Staff Picks. Filter your search to only get the best out of our site.

Use multi-word search

If you enter a number of different keywords in the search, the results will only include products tagged with both words. This narrows down the results to show exactly what you are looking for. For example, when searching for a fruit basket, you won't have to scroll through a number of random baskets or fruit icons.

Use the search bar intuitively

The search recognizes designer's names, pack names, and styles. Simply type the designer's name, pack name, or a specific style into the search bar together with the searched keyword. The results will show all matching content. For example, Maxicons flat amazon or Laura Reen file filled outline. You can also type in free to only get free content in results.

Search inside a pack, family, or on a designer's profile

If you're looking for a specific item in a pack, family, or from a certain designer, simply type in the keyword behind the name "bubble" like in the screenshot below.

Special characters and spell check

The search corrects your typos. If you type in faceboko, results for facebook will show. It also recognizes special characters as tags if needed. You can search for @,-,?,+, etc.

Results include synonyms and suggest related searches

Our brains can disappoint us just when we try to find the exact word for something. The search is designed to show not only items tagged with the searched term but also its synonyms. For example, NYC will include items tagged New York City.

Furthermore, you will see a list of suggested terms that are related to your keywords.

Safe search

You have the option to include or exclude explicit content from your search results. The explicit label is placed on mature content that is not suitable for a work environment or underage viewers. Turn on your safe search in the search settings from the drop-down menu.

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