All icons uploaded to Iconfinder are manually checked by our Content reviewers. They are the ones who decide which icons are approved by following our Criteria for approving icons.

When they notice a good set, they have the possibility to promote it, so it appears on the 'Staff picks' section of our homepage. This helps the set to get more exposure to customers.

This is how the 'Staff picks' icons look on our homepage: 

When promoting sets, we look for icons that are: 

  1. High quality. We feature icons that are well-drawn. To understand how we judge the quality of a set, check out our Quality standards.

  2. Unique. These are icons that stand out from the rest, be it because of a novel concept or because of the execution. We highly value icons that have a personal design style. Read about how we think about Uniqueness in icons

  3. Beautiful. These are icons that are created with care and a lot of attention to detail. They are nice to look at, their colors are well chosen, their shapes are harmonious. Understand what we mean by beautiful icons in this article on Aesthetic appeal.

  4. Related to current trends. Icons have to be relevant to the season. For example, if it's around February 14, we would feature some Valentine's day sets that look good and are of good quality. We do not feature Christmas icons in July. 

You can check out all the Staff picks for inspiration and to get an idea of what we consider as high-quality icons.

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