Before uploading to Iconfinder, we recommend you to get familiar with the Criteria for approving content. Our Content reviewers follow these criteria carefully and one of the things they take into account is aesthetic appeal. 

Aesthetics is a set of principles concerned with the nature and appreciation of beauty. Beauty in design is very important, as no customer would like to buy ugly icons or illustrations. They instead would prefer to buy items that are nice to look at and that will look great on their website, app or presentation. Therefore, creating packs with high aesthetic appeal and attention to detail would most likely lead to more sales, as they will increase the curiosity of the customer. 

To create a pack that is attractive and aesthetically appealing, we recommend to use elements that look harmonious together, which means they match and look good when used together. Repeating design elements and rules (such as rounded or square corners, corner sizing, colors, line weights etc.) will result in a cohesive pack. Therefore, the first step is to use consistent elements, which are very helpful to create visually appealing items. Read more about Consistency. 

Additionally, beauty is also related to uniqueness. Customers like to see nice items that are not overly-inspired by other works and that try to do something new. Read more about Uniqueness

Examples of packs with little aesthetic appeal

The pack below, as an example, does fulfil all the other criteria, but it is simply not beautiful. The colors chosen are not good, as it would be difficult to imagine where these icons could be used with their current color theme. Read more about Colors

This other pack has unnecessary gradients and overall does not look beautiful. It is difficult to imagine these icons on a website or app. 

The illustrations below need more work to look good. The shapes are not looking good and the colours and effects are not well chosen.

Examples of beautiful packs

Below are some examples of packs of high aesthetic appeal.

Attractive icons with a simple line and fill combo and a pleasant color mix. Icons from Location Color by Elisabetta Calabritto

Another good-looking pack within the filled outline style. Delivery and Logistics pack by Iconfinder ApS

A beautiful illustration pack in green. Leisure, travel & hobbies by roundicons

An example of a very pretty illustration pack. Scenes by roundicons

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Check out all our Criteria for approving icons.

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