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Why do you need to confirm your payment on Iconfinder?
Why do you need to confirm your payment on Iconfinder?

3D Secure for payments on Iconfinder

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When paying with a credit card on Iconfinder, some cards might require an extra security step before the payment can be successful. This step is called Strong Customer Authentication and it is done through a system called 3D Secure.

This authentication is a new rule coming into effect on September 14, 2019, as part of PSD2 regulation in Europe and will bring changes to how customers pay online. The changes will apply to transactions where both the business and the cardholder’s bank are located in the European Economic Area. Read more about Strong Customer Authentication.

For this reason, some payments that you make on Iconfinder will need to be authenticated. To authenticate a payment, you will be asked to do one of the following extra steps, depending on your bank: 

  • Confirm the payment by using a password or by responding to a security question

  • Confirm the payment using your mobile phone

  • Confirm the payment using a fingerprint or face recognition

This step is to ensure that you are the one that is paying and that there is no fraudulent use of the card.

In case you are having trouble with confirming a payment on Iconfinder, please contact customer support


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