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Supported payment methods

How to pay for icons on Iconfinder

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Iconfinder supports both payments via credit card and Paypal. The supported credit card options are VISA, Mastercard and American Express

Credit card and Paypal payments are both available for signing up for Pro subscriptions and for the Pay-as-you-go option.

How we ensure secure payments

Iconfinder uses two third-party payment providers, Stripe and PayPal, to handle all credit card data and transactions.

Credit card payments are managed through Stripe. Stripe is an industry-standard payment card information (PCI) provider, meaning that your credit card information is as safe as it can be. All credit card data is encrypted and sent directly to Stripe over HTTPS.  Iconfinder never sees your credit card number but stores a token that is used to communicate with Stripe. For more information about Stripe please see the Stripe knowledge base.

PayPal is a industry standard payment service. Our integration with PayPal lets you pay without entering any information on You will be redirected to PayPal where you can choose to log in or enter credit card information. Iconfinder will not store your PayPal credentials or credit card details. For more information about PayPal please see their support articles about security.

Does Iconfinder store your credit card information?

Iconfinder does not store any of your credit card information. Instead, the credit card information that you save on Iconfinder is stored with our payment provider, Stripe. 

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