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Why does Iconfinder need your VAT number?
Why does Iconfinder need your VAT number?
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This article is directed to companies based in the European Union, which are eligible for VAT returns. 

The Value Added Tax (VAT in short) is a consumption tax that is applied to goods and services purchased or sold in the European Union. As a VAT-registered business, you can reclaim VAT that other businesses charge you for your purchases. To do this, you need to have records to support your claim. By collecting your VAT number, Iconfinder can correctly prepare an invoice for your records. 

Businesses that are not VAT-registered, cannot reclaim VAT. If you do not have a VAT number or the one that you have provided cannot be validated, you will be charged the standard VAT rate for your billing region, as an individual customer (instead of a business customer).

For more information about VAT and reverse charge, please read:
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