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Roll-over of unused credits
Roll-over of unused credits
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Are unused credits from subscriptions accumulated for the following months?

The answer is yes. If you have not used all the available credits in a month, then you don’t need to worry about losing them. They will be passed to the following month, so you can use them later when you are in need of icons or illustrations again.

How roll-over works in practical terms

As an example, if you are on the Pro Micro plan and you have only used 4 credits out of 10 this month, then you can roll over the 6 unused credits. Next month, you will have 16 credits available in your account. If you didn’t use these 16 credits either, then, the next month you will have 26 credits at your disposal and so on. If you cancel, all your accumulated credits will expire.

Note: If you cancel your subscription, the accumulated credits will expire at the same time as your subscription expires. The expiration will thus happen when your subscription is due, which is the last day you have paid for. 

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