How to manage packs and families?
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A pack is a group of icons, illustrations or stickers that share the same style and topic. All icons / illustrations / stickers must be uploaded in packs.

A family is a group of packs that match each other visually and that customers can use together to create a consistent design. It is not enough that the items are in the same style - all outline, for example. It is key that they are following the same design rules: same shapes, same colour palettes, same line weight etc. It works just like in a real family: everyone is related and looks like one another. Read more about families.

From the Contributors drop-down menu go to the Manage products page. Here, you will find a listing of all your content approved and on sale on Iconfinder.

To create a new family, just click on the New family button and fill in the blanks with the family details. Add a name, description, and order of appearance for the new family. Read more about Families

Once created, the family will appear at the bottom of the list and will be empty. The Sort Index field packs the order of appearance of the family on your seller page.
In order to add packs to this family, you will need to go to the pack, click on the Edit details button, as in the screenshot below, and choose the newly-created family from the dropdown list.

In case you want to delete a pack, just click on More and then on the Delete pack button from the drop-down menu in Manage products tab from Your account

To create a new pack, click on the Upload content from the Manage products tab from Your account. You will be redirected to the page below. Please follow the process described here for uploading new packs.

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