What are families

A family is a way to group content on Iconfinder. Specifically, it is a way to group sets of icons or illustrations.

More concretely, a family is a group of sets that match each other visually and that customers can use together to create a consistent design. It is not enough that the icons or illustrations are in the same style - all outline, for example. It is key that they are following the same design rules: same shapes, same colour palettes, same line weight etc. It works just like in a real family: everyone is related and looks like one another.

Here is an example of the Streamline: Bold family of icons.

Here is an example of the Tuesday family of illustrations.

Why grouping in families

Customers rarely come to your shop for just one icon or just one illustration. They usually look for several items that match each other and they can use for their project.

Families are a great way to show customers all the other matching content they might want to buy. You are making it easy for them to buy in bulk.

Here is how families on Iconfinder are presented:

Additionally, illustration families are added as staff picks on the Illustration page.

Here is how illustration families are presented as staff picks.

Naming your family

Families are a way to organise and present your products.

Don't use generic names such as "Solid icons" or "Flat illustrations". Instead, we strongly recommend giving your family a unique and memorable name. The name acts as branding for your family.

Here are some examples of families with great names:

For inspiration, take a look at the names of families featured in our Illustration section.

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