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How to buy items under the Extended license?
How to buy items under the Extended license?

You can purchase items with the Extended license using the Messaging tool on Iconfinder

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The default license on Iconfinder is the Basic license. However, we also offer the possibility to buy icons and illustrations under the Extended license for projects that go beyond the scope of the Basic license. The Extended license is more permissive and allows using the artwork on merchandise for sale or as part of books or book covers, for example. Please make sure to read the terms of this license beforehand.

You can now buy items with the Extended license directly from designers, using the Messaging tool on Iconfinder. It is as easy as writing the designer a message and making the payment through Iconfinder.

The recommended price for the Extended license is $10 per icon

How it works

1. Write a message to a designer you like

Click the Message button in order to write a message to a designer.

Ask the designer if you can buy some of his/her items under the Extended license.

2. You will receive a Payment request from the designer

The Payment request will look like the one below. You can either pay or cancel the request. 

You can make the payment directly through Iconfinder. You will also be able to download the receipt of the payment.

3. Confirm the delivery of the items

Once you have sent the payment, the designer will send you the items through the Messaging tool. You need to confirm the delivery of the items if everything is alright. 

In case there is any problem, you can use the Report problem button from the Messaging tool. 

And you are good to go! Always refer to the terms of the Extended license when using the icons or illustrations. 

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