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Ordering custom job through Iconfinder
Ordering custom job through Iconfinder

How the custom job service works for buyers

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There are 5 steps to order a custom service: 

  1. Message the designer

  2. Agree on price and other details for the custom job

  3. The designer will send you a payment request

  4. Prepay for the custom service

  5. Confirm delivery of the designs

These steps will be explained in the following lines.

Steps to place an order for custom services: 

1. Start by writing a message to the designer

You can message a designer by clicking on the Message button on their seller page.

❗ Note: Designers that have been verified will have a green checkmark next to their name ✅.

In the message, you can ask the designer if s/he would be interested working with you. 

Once the designer sees the message, s/he will reply and you can both agree on all details.

2. Get to an agreement with the designer over the price and the other details

Exchange messages with the designer until you reach an agreement over the price of the custom service e.g. the style of his work, deadline, price etc.

Attachments: The messaging tool allows you to attach files to the messages you send. The files allowed as attachments need to be smaller than 50 MB.

3. The designer will send you a payment request

Once you have agreed on a price for the order, the designer will request you to make a prepayment. 

The prepayment request will look like the below. You now have 2 options. 

  • You can reject the request - if you have changed your mind about the price or other details of the order, you can use the Reject request button to cancel the payment the designer has requested from you. The designer will be notified instantly. You can then renegotiate or revoke the order.

  • You can accept the request - if everything is alright, you can proceed with sending the payment by clicking on Prepay request.

4. Prepaying the requested payment

The prepayment is a confirmation that the designer can start working on the service you have ordered. Prepayment means that the money is not transferred to the designer directly, but it is hold by Iconfinder until you confirm the order has been correctly delivered to you. 

In order to make the prepayment, click on the Prepay request button. It will take you to the Checkout page (see screenshot below). Fill in your billing details (1), select the payment method (2) and finally, click on Complete checkout.

❗ Note: Remember to add your correct billing details. This information will appear on the invoices sent to you. If you are a VAT-registered business, remember to add the VAT number too.

When you see a confirmation like below the request is not prepaid yet. This is just a successful prepayment to your account. 

You have to go back to Messages and click on Prepay Request. 

Once the prepayment is done, you will receive a notification like below.

5. Confirm delivery 

Once the order is prepaid, the designer can start working on it. 

Once the custom job is ready and the designer has delivered them to you (as attachments to the messages), you can click on the Confirm delivery button. This informs both the designer and Iconfinder that you have received the files and that everything is as you requested. 

Report a problem

If you experience a problem in the process or you are not getting what has been agreed upon, you can use the Report problem button (see screenshot above).
Our support team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Frequently asked questions

What are the terms of custom design?

What is the license agreement for the custom services? 

All deliverables will be licensed by the Exclusive license unless you agree otherwise. This means the icons and other deliverables will be available only for your use and cannot be placed on sale to third parties.

Does the designer get paid before the job is finished? 

No, the money you prepay is held by Iconfinder in escrow until the designer sends the files to you. Once the files are delivered, you can Confirm Delivery and we know that the money can go to the designer. 

What happens if I forget to Confirm Delivery? 

If you never confirm the delivery of the custom deliverables, Iconfinder will make sure the designer gets paid. However, if you don't confirm delivery because there is a problem with the icon designer, please inform us through the Report a problem button. 

Will I get invoices/receipts for my purchases? 

Yes, your custom orders will appear in Your account, under the Order history and Transactions tabs. You will be able to download a receipt for them.

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