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Selling custom services through Iconfinder
Selling custom services through Iconfinder

Create and sell custom designs through Iconfinder's platform

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Now you can sell custom jobs through Iconfinder. Iconfinder takes care of the communication platform, licensing, invoices and payments from the buyers. 

Whenever customers message you through Iconfinder to ask for a custom design job, you can manage the orders directly on Iconfinder.

Iconfinder takes a 5% cut that will be deducted from the price you enter. So if you enter $100 you will receive $95 and the customer will pay $100. VAT might apply for both sellers and buyers (in case any of the parties is from an European country).

Steps for a successful custom order delivery

1. You will receive a message for a custom job

2. Negotiate with the customer and agree on the conditions

If you would not like to take on the project, let the customer know, so s/he can contact other designers.

If the project is interesting for you, discuss with the customer in order to agree on the price and the other details of the project (such as number of items, delivery date, quality requirements etc.).

3. Send the customer a prepayment request

Once you get to an agreement with the customer, send him/her a prepayment request, by clicking on the Request payment button.

In the pop-up, fill in the order details in the Service description field and the price. This description will appear on the invoice sent to the customer, so make sure it is the correct information.

Note that the 5% Iconfinder fee will be applied to the price set.

When done, click on Request payment. A notification will be sent to the customer.

4. Customer accepts the prepayment

Once the customer has accepted the prepayment request and made the payment, you will receive a notification like the one below. 

Note that Iconfinder will hold the payment in escrow until the customer confirms that service was correctly delivered. 

5. You deliver the files and agreed service

When the customer has made the prepayment, it is time for you to deliver the service you have agreed upon. It's possible to attach files to messages using the Attach file button.

6. Customer confirms delivery

Once you have delivered the files, the customer clicks the Confirm delivery button. This unlocks the money for you so you can cash it out.

Handling issues

If you experience issues with the process e.g. if the customer is acting unfairly, you can simply click the Report a problem button. This will get you in contact with Iconfinder's support team and we can help you with solving any issue.

Frequently asked questions

What are the terms of the Custom Service?

What if the customer never confirms delivery? 

If the customer, for example, never clicks the Confirm delivery button even when you have delivered your part, Iconfinder will ensure you get your money.

Can I reject an order after the customer has prepaid?

The moment you send a Payment request to the customer and the customer makes the pre-payment to you, you are bound to deliver the service agreed.

What if the order details change after you have sent the Payment request?

If you have requested a payment for 10 icons and sent the Payment request to the customer, but you had agreed to finally do 15, just send another Payment request for the extra 5 icons. 

You can only cancel a Payment request if it has not yet been paid. 

Will I get receipts for my sales? 

Yes, you will be able to download a receipt of the sale from your Transactions.

How will the custom job be licensed?

The work sold through the Custom Service will be licensed under the Extended license. This means that items will only be sold to one person and will not be placed for resale or licensed to third parties. 

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