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Content kinds and credits
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With your Pro subscription, you have full access to three kinds of content on Iconfinder. We will introduce them below followed by a quick introduction of the credit system.


The role of icons is to represent concepts without the use of words. Whether you are building a website, a mobile app, or a slide deck, with six million icons, you will find a symbol for almost anything on Iconfinder.


Modern-looking illustrations in great colors will bring your projects to life. They look great on landing pages, in the empty states of your product, or in presentations. On Iconfinder, you can choose from more than 20,000 of them.

3D illustrations

Using 3D graphics is a great way to bring depth and dimension to your designs. You now have access to a growing collection of 3D’s with elegant shapes and beautiful lighting.

How credits work

  • You receive new credits each month that you can spend on downloading icons, illustrations, or 3D’s.

  • If you run out of credits before your subscription renews, you can always top up on the credits page in your account.

  • Unused credits will roll over to the following month.

  • If you download the same item in multiple formats or within a 30 day time period, you won't use any additional credits.

How many credits you’ll spend

The table below indicates how many credits you will spend when downloading premium content.

Product type

Price in credits


1 credit


5 credits

3D illustration

5 credits

Downloading free content will not use any credits.

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