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Keyboard shortcuts

There are a few handy keyboard shortcuts available on Iconfinder that will speed up your workflow.

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The shortcuts related to downloading or copying to clipboard work on hovered icons & illustrations from your search results.




Download SVG file



Copy SVG file to clipboard

Alt + S

+ S

Download PNG file



Copy PNG file to clipboard

Alt + P

+ P

Download file in the last used format



Toggle format (SVG/PNG)



Focus search field



When searching through icons & illustrations on Iconfinder, we present a handful of keyboard shortcuts that can help you quickly grab the content you need, without too much clicking around.

These keyboard shortcuts work when hovering icons & illustrations. For example, in order to download an icon from your search results, simply hover over the icon, and hit the D key, and the icon is downloaded. In a similar fashion, if you are working in any tool like Figma, for example, and just want to copy the icon, you can press ⌘ + C (MacOS) while hovering the icon.

You might be wondering which format the download or copy is in? We keep track of the recently used format for future downloading and copying. However, if you want more control, you can switch back and fourth between SVG and PNG using the shortcut F. You will be notified of which format is currently selected, so you know pressing ⌘ + C is going to copy the right format!

If you prefer a more specific approach to downloading and copying, you can use S and P to download SVG and PNG respectively. For copying, simple use the Alt modifier (⌥ on mac) with the same keys. So Alt + S (⌥ +S) and Alt + P (⌥ +P) to copy SVG and PNG respectively.

Happy shortcutting!

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