Usage reports

See the amount of credits you and your team members spend

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If you are a team owner on Pro Ultimate or Pro Enterprise, you can track the amounts of credits each team member is spending and the credits you have left with usage reports. Find them in Your account under Usage reports.

Credit balance history

The first graph shows your credit balance history. It gives you an overview of:

  • A timeline of the current subscription cycle

  • Credit balance at the beginning of the cycle

  • Credit balance to date

The graph is live and updates daily.


In the second graph, you'll see the number of credits spent in a certain period. You can set the period to one, two, or four weeks and see its comparison to the previous period.

You can also see the average use of credits per team member, how many credits each team member used precisely, and how many of your team members were active. This average is measured as the median of active members. An active member is defined as having used at least one credit in the observed period.

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