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What does the Elite status mean?

Elite status for contributors

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As a contributor to Iconfinder, you have the chance to gain the Elite status.

What is the Elite status

The Elite status for contributors on Iconfinder is a marker for high-quality and consistency. It is a way to recognise the efforts of top designers who go the extra mile to create high-quality work and keep the quality high over time, without compromises.

In practical terms, this means that your icons, illustrations and/or stickers fulfill our quality standards and, most often than not, they get approved to our platform without any changes requested or any rejections.

Elite designers go beyond artwork that is simply correct and that meets the minimum quality standards. Their content is always well-drawn and stands out from the rest. Their work is often selected to be featured as Staff picks.

Benefits of the Elite status

As an Elite designer, you get to have your uploads auto-published. This means that your packs are available to customers right after you have uploaded them, without the waiting time. In other words, you are on the fast lane and your uploads do not have to wait for the usual review by our team. This is because you have proven consistency and high-quality execution.

Note that all your submissions will still be reviewed by our team and can still be rejected or requested to be changed.

How to become Elite?

To become Elite, you need to prove that you:

  1. Can create high-quality content, with attention to even the smallest details (such as tagging, naming packs, organising content in families).

  2. The quality of your work stays constant or increases over time.

  3. Are always professional when dealing with customers on Iconfinder.

Can the Elite status be revoked?

Yes. You can lose the Elite status if the quality of your submissions decreases or if we notice unprofessional treatment to customers.

Keep up the beautiful work!

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