You can now upload illustrations to Iconfinder and we are looking forward to seeing your beautiful work. You can upload them through our Upload flow as normally. (Only in case the upload flow does not work, you can share them with us via Dropbox by adding your name to the folder.)

Here we gathered the basic information that you need to know before uploading illustrations to Iconfinder.

What is an illustration? What are the differences with icons?

Icons are stylised and simplified graphics whose aim is to capture the essence of an object or action (it zooms in). Often using geometrical shapes, a good icon can be understood by everyone in a few seconds. Icons work very well in small sizes and are used as UI elements.

Illustrations are more artistic and elaborate graphics whose aim is to enchant and bring life into a situation or action. Often using organic shapes and strokes, illustrations can be metaphorical and open to interpretation. They need to be seen in larger sizes in order to be understood. They are often used in presentations, landing pages, error pages, or even for printing on books.

To see what we understand as illustrations, please check our entire illustration collection.

To see what we consider as high-quality illustrations, please check this landing page.

How many illustrations should there be in a set?

The minimum is 10 illustrations per set.

What are common uses for illustrations?

The most common use cases for illustrations are for websites (onboarding flows, landing pages), social media, presentations, newsletters, etc.

It is also very common to show illustrations on login pages and error pages (for example, 404s).

What kind of illustrations can I upload to Iconfinder?

Here is what we consider most important when it comes to illustrations.


We are looking for illustrations that are easily usable by customers. We recommend that they are not too complex, full-out illustrations, but focus on a single action or situation with 1-5 people as a range.


For stock illustrations, we find that customers prefer those that can be easily customised to their preferences - often to fit brand colours. We recommend drawing illustrations with customisation in mind.

We also recommend checking your illustrations in the Icon Editor to see if they can be edited.

No background fill

We prefer if illustrations come with a transparent background.

If they do have background, try to keep it in a badge style and not go full out with the fill.

Is diversity important for illustrations?

Yes. It is very important for illustrations to be inclusive.

We recommend including people with:

  • Different skin colours.

  • Different ages, with a special focus on age-positive illustrations (portraying old age as a happy and dignified age instead of showing sickness and frailty).

  • Different religions, ethnicities, cultural groups.

  • Disabilities and impairments (blindness, deafness, hearing aids etc.)

  • Different sexual orientations.

  • No gender stereotypes (avoid portraying only men in management jobs, for example).

What are the recommended artboard sizes for illustrations?

For illustration artboards, an ideal size is 1000 px. If you're choosing a smaller one, you can also start at 512 px.

Please be mindful of the line weight when working with large artboards because thin lines can become blurry when the illustration made at big sizes is scaled down and lines are expanded.

What format and file sizes can I upload?

We accept illustrations in SVG format. There is no maximum file size, but we recommend 2 - 3 MB for best performance and least errors during upload to Iconfinder.

Where exactly do I upload my illustrations?

You can use the same Upload flow as you do for icons. After you have uploaded them and they passed review, we will label them as illustrations.

Sometimes there can be issues during upload, given that it was not designed for illustration upload. If this happens to you, you can share your set with us by uploading it to this Dropbox folder and we will upload it on your behalf.

What are the prices for illustrations?

You can set your own price for the pay-as-you-go customers. We recommend setting the price between $4 and $10. You can optimise prices as you go, depending on how your sales go.

For Pro subscription downloads of illustrations, these will earn you double compared to icon downloads. So, illustration downloads are multiplied by a factor of 2 and icon downloads by a factor of 1.

The earnings for illustrations will be added to your settlements and you can cash them out as normally.

The importance of free sets

We strongly recommend you offer a few illustrations in each family as free downloads (you can place then in a separate set).

This is because customers often want to test if the illustration works or if it is of the right quality before purchasing an entire set or family. Additionally, free content can help you promote your work and attract buyers.

Will I be getting custom illustrations requests?

Yes. It is typical for customers to request extra custom illustrations in a specific style after having purchased the ones available as stock illustrations. Additionally, some customers would like to contact you for modifications.

This means you will start receiving requests in your Messages section on Iconfinder. We strongly recommend to be quick to respond to those requests, in order to give customers a good experience and to be seen as available for custom jobs. Customers value designers who are responsive and reliable. Here is a guide for selling custom designs on Iconfinder.

What are customers looking for?

We have prepared a guide for illustration designers based on personal interviews and survey responses from users. Check customers' feedback on illustrations.

We look forward to seeing your illustration work on Iconfinder!

If you could not find answers in this article, please write to us at [email protected].

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