If content is found to be in severe violation of one or more guidelines or policies listed in The Contributors Handbook, Iconfinder retains the right to remove it. Though we do our best to properly vet all submissions, content which has previously been approved is always still subject to re-review and removal if deemed necessary.

Sets vs. individual items

If 30% or more of items within a single set are found in violation of our guidelines, the entire set will be removed. If less than 30% of items are in violation, the offending items will be removed individually and the rest of the set will remain as long as it's enough for a complete set (10 items or more).


If an entire set is removed, we will notify the contributor via email noting the reason. We do not notify contributors if individual items from a set are removed.


If you would like to edit your removed set to make it in accordance with our guidelines and re-submit, we encourage you to do so. The set must be submitted back through the normal upload queue.


If a user purchases an item of yours that has since been removed before you have requested a cash-out, the item’s payment will still show up in your balance.


Content in violation of our tagging guidelines are not at risk of removal, however may rank lower in search results until their tags have been corrected and re-approved by an admin. Contributor's will be notified via email if a set has been marked for tag review, and can view/edit their set's tagging issues on the sales analytics page, under the "tags" tab.

Please remember to thoroughly read through The Contributors Handbook for all guidelines and best practices, and to help avoid the risk of removal.

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