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Tips & tricks for more descriptive tagging
Tips & tricks for more descriptive tagging
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Tags for icons illustrations, and stickers can be divided into different categories, and each category represents different types of searches. Below are examples of the various types of tags you should try and use to describe your graphics.


Nouns are by far the most common search term for items. Noun tags must concretely represent the motif of the item.


Multiple nouns

Quite often an item can represent multiple nouns, which are equally important to different customers.

User, Man, Person

Plural nouns

In general tags are in singular form but, in some cases, the plural form of a tag is the most descriptive.




Some items represent an action rather than a thing. Dancing, Walking, Talking and Flying are all verbs that can be represented by items.





Imperatives (actions)

Searches for verbs in imperative mood are used a lot in software interface design. Action related icons are often used to describe what happens when users click buttons.



Abstract Nouns (phenomenons)

Some items represent a phenomenon. Phenomenons are technically nouns, but represent mostly abstract nouns. Abstract nouns can also be concepts where the understanding of the motif relies of cultural understanding or contextual interpretation.

Abstract items can include





No entry

Some concepts share their descriptive tags with others, making for mixed results. Yet, in high level relevance, all tags are equal. Stop, as an example, can both be used to control a media player as well as a prohibiting a person from entering a room.


Finally, make sure to avoid non-descriptive and design related tags, unless that's what your item truly represents. We already have additional filters in place to allow users to search by style. For example, please do not use the following:

  • icon

  • icons

  • illustration

  • illustrations

  • sticker

  • stickers

  • svg

  • png

  • vector

  • symbol

  • glyph

  • flat

  • ai

  • vista

  • 3d

  • simple

  • button

  • handdrawn

  • pictogram

  • raw

  • pixel

  • perfect

  • outline

  • graphic

  • smooth

  • photorealistic

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