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What documents do we need from you

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Before requesting your first cashout, we have to verify your account. For that, we need to make sure you're a real person and you're the copyright holder of the icons or illustrations that you are selling on Iconfinder.

What we need from you:

1. Your ID, Driver's License or Passport

  • Valid government-issued identification with a photo.

We are legally required to verify the identity of anyone who we transact with.

2. Links to other designer marketplace or social media accounts

  • Dribbble, Behance, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter ...

All links to your accounts where you shared your work are helpful to get you verified.

3. Copyright ownership

  • Sketches of your work

  • Unfinished work

  • Creation process in a video or other format

We need to see that you are the designer of the icons or illustrations. You can prove this by showing us the full or part of the creation process. Please include any files or other items you have that you believe confirm that you created the items.

❗We are not accepting finished items in any format as copyright proof.

You can see an example of copyright ownership proof below.

Once you submit all documents, you'll get an email confirming the verification. We will contact you if we need additional information. The verification process can take a few days. Please be patient.

Please check the Account verification article for more details about this process.

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