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Why is your subscription paused?
Why is your subscription paused?

Failed payments for the Pro subscription

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This article explains why a Pro subscription might be paused and how to easily re-activate it. 

Failed payments

Iconfinder subscriptions are auto-renewing plans that are billed every month (or year in case of annual plans). For the subscription renewal, we try to bill the chosen payment method (credit card or Paypal) on your Iconfinder account.

Failed payment by credit card

Sadly, it can sometimes happen that the credit card fails. Check out some of the most common Reasons why credit card payments fail

We then retry the payment over several days. On many occasions, the issue with the card solves itself and there's no action needed from you. For example, the card might have insufficient funds when we try to charge it, but this is only a temporary problem and the payment often succeeds when we try again later. 

In other more unfortunate cases, we need your cooperation to get the payment to go through. An example of one such case is when the bank blocks the payment to Iconfinder. This can happen because the payment is judged to be outside of your normal spending habits, or it is flagged by the bank as 'unrecognized' or 'unsafe'. Given that the payments for the subscriptions are automatic, they are more prone to be blocked by the banks' overzealous checks. 

In the case that the payment was blocked by your bank, you need to talk to them and ask them to unblock it. You need to tell your bank that the payments to Iconfinder are authorized and that we are a trustworthy merchant. Note that Iconfinder is a company based in Denmark and our prices are in US dollars. Our company information is found on our About page

Failed payment by Paypal

Payment by Paypal can get declined due to different reasons. You can find more information on the Paypal support page here: Why was my payment declined? and here: Why won't my payment go through?

If we try to charge your Paypal account and it fails, the system tries to retry the charge every 5th day for 5 times. If all attempts fail, your subscription gets frozen.

Reactivating the subscription

In the case we have not succeeded in charging your credit card after 30 days, or failed 5 Paypal attempts for a charge, we pause your subscription. This means that you still have the subscription, but it is temporarily inactive because it was not paid for. While the subscription is paused, you cannot make downloads. Don't worry, the unused credits that you have gathered will wait in your account until the subscription is re-activated.

Un-pausing the subscription is easy to do. Go to your Payment settings and add a new credit card and retry the payment. If you want to make changes to your subscription before retrying the payment, you can manage your subscription from here

In case you need assistance, please write to us at customer support and we be glad to help. 

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