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Card declined error

Payments failing with the "card declined" error code

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While buying on Iconfinder or being charged for the renewal of your Pro subscription, some payments may be unsuccessful. If this happens, Iconfinder will return an error code that informs you what the problem with your credit card might be. Please visit the article on Reasons why credit card payments fail for more information.

For subscriptions, Iconfinder will retry the charge a few times during 30 days. If we don't succeed at renewing your subscription, it will become paused. Read more about Paused subscription and about our Policy for unpaid subscription periods.

The "Card declined" error

This is a generic decline code that does not give any concrete information about why a payment was unsuccessful. It may be because of insufficient funds on the card or because the payment was flagged by your bank as 'unrecognised' or 'unsafe'. This could happen because Iconfinder is a company registered in Denmark, so it might be that your bank does not authorise payments to foreign companies. Our prices are in USD, which can also trigger a decline due to payments in other currencies than your own. Another reason could be that the payment to Iconfinder is outside of your normal spending habits.

Another reason why you might get this error is that the card you are trying to use has been reported as either lost or stolen. 

Solution: Contact your bank to find out why exactly the payment was not allowed. Cooperate with the bank to allow future payments to Iconfinder by confirming that this is an authorised payment and that we are a trustworthy merchant. 

Otherwise, or if you know that the card has been lost or stolen, you can add a new card to your Payment settings. and retry the payment. Contact customer support if you want to use another payment method. 

If the bank requests more information about Iconfinder, you can use the below: 

Name and address
Iconfinder ApS
Højbro Plads 10
DK-1200 Copenhagen
VAT: DK-33779437

Payments informationIconfinder Pro subscriptions are automatically billed from your credit card.
All prices are in USD.
Our payment provider is Stripe, Inc.

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