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Golden rules to follow before uploading items to Iconfinder

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All content uploaded to Iconfinder is manually reviewed by our Content reviewers. They make sure that all items that are included in our marketplace are carefully selected to match the approval criteria. 

Before uploading items, make sure to get familiar with our approval criteria: 

1. Meeting the technical requirements

These are the technical specifications for the icon or illustration files and packs. We accept one item per file, SVG format, and a minimum of 10 items per pack. Check out the full list of Technical requirements. Also, check our best practices for exporting to SVG.

2. Quality standards

We are continuously raising our standards of quality, as we expect designers' work to improve over time. We strongly value quality over quantity. To get an idea about what we consider as high-quality icons and illustrations, check out our Staff Picks. Read more about Quality standards.

3. Aesthetic appeal

We expect icons and illustrations to be beautiful and nice to look at. This means their composing elements - lines, shapes, colors etc. - should be in harmony with each other and fit well together. Learn more about Aesthetic appeal.

4. Business relevance

Items sold on Iconfinder need to appeal to customers and meet a real demand. This means that, before creating the items, it is good to think from the customer's perspective and consider the potential use cases for the items. Find out more about Business relevance.

5. Uniqueness

We cherish icon and illustration design that is original and is not overly inspired in or a copy of other people's work. We want to see new designs that are the fruit of your work, that have a personal style and stand out from the rest. Read more about Uniqueness.

6. Variety

Packs that contain the same item repeated with small changes are not interesting from a search engine perspective and quickly become too repetitive. Learn more about Variety.

7. Variations

Making style variations for the same packs is also not ok when it comes to keeping the search engine relevant. Read more about Variations.

8. Consistency

In order to form a pack, all icons and illustrations should follow the same design rules, so that it is visually clear that they belong in the same pack. They should all have consistent line widths, colors, corner shapes, spacing, etc. Read more about Consistency.

9. Diversity

We encourage designs to stay away from stereotypical ideas about people. It is important to not limit yourself to drawing white men in business jobs or women doing housework. Items should be inclusive of all kinds of people doing all kinds of professions. Read about Diversity.

The packs that do not meet all the above criteria risk being rejected. 

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