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How does the Pro Ultimate subscription plan work?
How does the Pro Ultimate subscription plan work?
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With the Pro Ultimate plan, you get 500 credits every month for a recurring $49 fee. 

Unused credits roll over to the next month. For example, if you use only 30/50 credits in May, you will have 80 credits to use in June. Read more about Roll-over credits.

With this subscription plan, you have the possibility to add 50 team members to your plan to collaborate together on Collections. Read more about Team plans.

You can also access all downloads made by your other team members.

Note: This plan was previously called Pro Unlimited. It has been changed to Pro Ultimate on August 9, 2021. If you were already on the Unlimited plan, you were able to keep subscribing to it unless you decided to cancel. After cancellation, it cannot be recovered. The Pro Unlimited plan is now a legacy plan and it is not available to new customers.

In case you would like to downgrade your subscription to either Pro Standard or Pro Micro, you can do so at any time from your account. Read about  How to change your Pro subscription

The subscription plan is an auto-renewing plan, meaning that you will be automatically charged every billing period (either every month or year depending on the billing option you have chosen). To stop your subscription, you need to cancel it before the next billing period. Read about How to cancel your subscription.

A subscription plan can be cancelled anytime. It can also be reopened after the cancellation. If you only need it for 1 month, do not forget to cancel it before the next billing period is due. You can read about it in this article: How to subscribe to Pro for only 1 month?

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