This article talks about the license agreements for the assets available on Iconfinder. As all original creative works, icons and illustrations on the Iconfinder marketplace are protected by copyright and are licensed to the users. 

This means that you get the right to use the icons under the terms set out in the license agreement of each icon. 

❗ For a quick overview of Dos and Don'ts with licenses, please see this License overview table:

License overview table

Types of licenses

An overview of most important licenses on Iconfinder can be found in this License overview table

There are more than 1 license type available on Iconfinder, but we tried to simplify this for the Premium (paid) material on our platform. 

  • All Premium (paid) icons and illustrations available on Iconfinder are protected by the Basic License. (If the Basic License is not suitable for you, you have the option to purchase the Extended License: How to buy the Extended License)

  • The Free icons and illustrations on Iconfinder have different license agreements, which can be for commercial use or non-commercial use. Read more about licenses in the License overview


You do not need to credit the icon designer for the Basic License. However, for the free material, attribution of the designer might be a requirement. Read more about How to credit the icon designer

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