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Contributor's handbook: Sales & Cash-outs
How to start selling icons and illustrations on Iconfinder?
How to start selling icons and illustrations on Iconfinder?

Become a contributor on Iconfinder

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This article describes how you can become a contributor to Iconfinder by uploading your artwork to our marketplace.

Before you upload any icons or illustrations to Iconfinder, you need to become familiar with the Contributor's Handbook, which contains everything you need to know to get started and make the most of the Iconfinder marketplace. It contains information about the business conditions, together with specifications for the files, together with tips and tricks for improving your sales, among other topics. 

All icons or illustrations uploaded to Iconfinder are reviewed by a content reviewer from the team. These are the criteria we follow when we decide which icons or illustrations to accept: Criteria for getting icons and illustrations approved

After you got yourself familiarised with the information in the Contributor's Handbook and our approval criteria, you are ready to upload your first items. Start by creating an account on Iconfinder. Once you have done that, you can already start uploading. You can read about How to upload to Iconfinder.

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