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How to cancel your subscription / unsubscribe?
How to cancel your subscription / unsubscribe?

Cancelling the Pro plan to not auto-renew

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To cancel your subscription on Iconfinder, you need to first go to Your account page.

On Your account page, you can see the details of your subscription plan. To unsubscribe, click on the Cancel subscription button, as in the screenshot below.

Canceling means that your subscription will not be automatically renewed anymore. Canceling also means that your accumulated credits (roll-over) will expire at the same time as the subscription expires. For example, if you cancel on day 20 of your monthly subscription, you will still be able to use the remaining credits until day 30. After that, the unused credits will be lost. 

❗ Note: When canceling, you will lose open access to the premium content, even to the ones you have downloaded before. Make sure to save your downloaded content in a safe place before canceling the subscription.

Once you are in need of icons and illustrations again, you can reopen the subscription from Your account page and you will receive new credits.  

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