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How to add team members to your Pro subscription
How to add team members to your Pro subscription

Learn how to invite your team members to your Pro subscription and share credits and various features.

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Adding new team members to your Iconfinder Pro plan is easy. The new team members will only be able to access the Pro subscription when they accept the invitation and use credits, share various features such as the download history.

Depending on the subscription plan you purchased, you can add a different number of team members. Adding team members to your subscription plan is free.

First, go to Your account

On your account page, click the Team settings menu. There are two ways to invite people to your team.

Sharing an invite link

You can share a single invitation link with everyone you would like to invite. Click Copy to clipboard to copy the URL. When the person clicks this link, they will be asked to log in or create an account, then confirm that they want to join the team. The link will not expire and you should not share this publicly.

Inviting using email

You can send an invitation email. Simply enter the email addresses of the people you wish to add to your team plan, separated by a comma. Then, click Click Send invitation.

Removing team members

You can remove the access or revoke the invitation of any team member at any point, as shown in the screenshot below. Only the Team owner will be able to remove members from the team. 

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