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Getting started with the Iconfinder API
Getting started with the Iconfinder API

Learn more about the API plans that Iconfinder offers

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With the Iconfinder API, you can give your users instant access to Iconfinder's library of icons and illustrations by using our API solution. It allows you to integrate our search engine into your product and let your users use or download our content. There are different API plans which you can purchase, for which you can find more detailed information below. 


Take a look at our Demo application and our Sample application on Github to see a use case of our API. 

Free API plan

This API plan gives you access to all free content available on Iconfinder. Premium content is not included.

To start using the Free API plan, create an account on Iconfinder and Register your application. For the technical documentation, please see the API documentation.

If you need help with the technical implementation, contact us at [email protected].

Free trial of the Premium plans

If you are interested in trying out a Premium API plan before making the purchase, please get in touch with us at [email protected]. Make sure that you filled out the Payment settings for your Iconfinder account.

Premium API plans

In case you are interested in serving Premium content in your application, we offer Premium API plans. Pricing depends on the use case. We encourage you to write an email to [email protected] to receive a quote on the estimated usage.

The different Premium API plans offer a different amount of credits. You have the option to subscribe to the API plan on a monthly basis or on an annual basis with a two-month off discount on annual billing. 

Credits are Iconfinder's own currency and are used to download unique products. You will be able to see how many credits each product costs before downloading. Read more about credits.

To sign up for a Premium API plan, please write us at [email protected]. We will activate the API plan for you.

How the payment works

The payment for the Premium API plans will be charged from the credit card associated with your Iconfinder account. The API plan will be automatically renewed on a monthly or annual basis, depending on the option you have chosen. We also offer an option to pay via invoice. 

You can cancel your plan at any time by getting in touch with us at [email protected].

Terms of service for the API solution

You can read about the legal terms and conditions here: Terms of Service for API

In case of any questions, get in touch with our Support team.

Frequently asked questions

What are the payment options?

We currently support only payments by credit card.

Can you pay annually?

You can pay on a month-to-month or annual basis. We will even give you a 2-month (16%) discount for paying annually.

Can you change our plan at any time?

Yes, you can if you are paying a monthly subscription. Had you paid annually, you can change your plan and limit of content after that year.

What if you hit the limit of credits?

When you reach 80% of your account's credits, you will receive an email with a warning and instructions about how to upgrade your account. You can always upgrade to a larger plan.

What are the options for filtering the content?

The filtering options include sizes, format (vector or not), licenses, styles (flat, outline, glyph, etc.), and categories (Weather, Transportation, Halloween, etc.). It is also possible to search inside a single icon set or for a specific designer.

Can Premium content be used for commercial use?

Yes, all premium content is covered by the same license - the Basic license. It allows commercial use and does not require attribution. 

When you pay for Premium content, do you need to attribute the designer?

No, the Basic license does not require attribution of any kind.

Can you resell the content to our users?

No. You are not allowed to sell the content iself, but you are free to charge for access to the Premium content. For example, you can have the Premium content available in a web design tool and charge your customer for that. You are not allowed to simply offer the users the products for download and, thereby, create a competing service to Iconfinder.

You can sell your product or service that is using the content from the API, but you can’t distribute the content in a way in which your customers would extract the icons or illustrations and use them for other purposes.

Can the content be used as logos?

No, you are not allowed to use the content as logos. Illustrations are too detailed to be used as logos. Icons and logos are inherently different since icons aim at being generic and broadly recognized and logos should be unique. Using iconfinder content as logos can result in legal issues since it is problematic to trademark a widespread generic symbol. Read more about using icons as logos

Do we need to attribute the designer when using free content?

This is defined by the license of the product in question. It is possible to filter out products that require attribution. For more information about all licenses available on Iconfinder, check out the License Overview article.

Can free content be used for commercial use?

Free content uses a variety of licenses and most are available for commercial use. It is recommended that a commercial-only filter is used in a commercial context or when in doubt, ask the designer. You can contact any of our designers directly from their profile page on Iconfinder. Alternatively, check out the License Overview article.

Can you use the content on items for sale such as t-shirts, cups, etc.?

Yes, you can use the content for print purposes under the Basic license. However, if you are interested in selling print products, such as posters in bulk, where an icon from the API is the primary graphical element, you will need to purchase the Extended license.

Do downloads of free content count for the credits limit?

No, downloading free content is independent of the credits of subscription plans. The credits are only used when downloading premium products.

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