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What to do when your files are not uploading?
What to do when your files are not uploading?

Upload errors

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In rare cases, our uploading tool might fail and you will get an error message when trying to upload a new pack to your Iconfinder account. 

There could be many reasons why the upload is failing. One of the most common issues is that there might be something wrong with the files in your pack. 

Make sure to meet our Technical requirements

Are all your files meeting our Technical requirements? We only accept files in SVG format. The pack needs to have a minimum of 10 items and a maximum of 250 items.

Make sure the SVG files contain no image data 

The normal SVG contains only mathematical data (vector), as shown below.

When the SVG contains image data, the code will look like the below screenshot. The selected code corresponds to image data.

A symptom that your SVG contains image data is that your file is large. Image data means that a part of the file is not vector, which can cause problems when scaling the item. This produces an error when uploading those files to Iconfinder. 

Make sure to set the export settings of your graphic design software to not include any image data in your SVG file. You can check the SVG code in any code editor.

Run the file through this service to clean up the image data and try uploading again.

If your SVG files are very large, that's a sign that something is wrong

This is because the SVG file contains a lot of unnecessary stuff. It can also be caused by some effects applied in the design software that you are using, apart from the image data mentioned previously.
Note: we had problems with files made with Inkscape before. 

If your files are very large, you can run them through this service, which helps with cleaning up the unnecessary elements in the SVG. Then, try uploading the file again.

Pay attention to the file names

File names are taken by our upload flow and transformed directly into tags. There are some rules about what tags are accepted and which are not, so this can generate some problems when uploading files that have certain file names. 

Please, only use English alphabet in file names. Non-English letters and symbols will cause the upload to fail.

When all files are named in a similar way with only slight differences, our system tries to bundle them together and the upload might fail. For example, if your files are called: "Web-1", "Web-2", "Web-3" and so on, then you might have issues when uploading them to Iconfinder. Make sure to give each file a distinct name.

If all seems ok but files won't upload

If the files look ok and still will not upload, please contact us at [email protected] including the following details in your email: 

  1. What format the files are in: SVG, PNG etc.

  2. What software you used to create the files.

  3. How many files you were trying to upload.

  4. Which browser you were using.

  5. You can also send the files in a ZIP archive attached to your email.

Our support team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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