This article is directed to designers who want to start selling their work on Iconfinder. Before uploading your first icons or illustrations it is recommended to get familiar with the Contributor's Handbook.  Also, make sure that your designs meet our Technical requirements

In case you are having trouble uploading your files, please check out this article about What to do when icons or illustrations are not uploading

To upload material to Iconfinder, you need to go to Your account and select Manage products as in the screenshot below.

If you don't have an account yet, please create one in order to upload your files. 

The next step is to drag and drop multiple images or a ZIP file in the grey area, as below.

Note: While we do make exceptions in special circumstances, such as highly detailed 3D icons/illustrations, we do not generally accept PNG (raster) icons/ illustrations. Since all major browsers now have decent support for SVG format, the market has very quickly adopted SVG as the native format for graphics and customers no longer buy PNG format.

Specs for items

For more details on the specifications for icon and illustrations files, please check out the articles contained in the Contributor's Handbook, in the section called Technical requirements.  

One asset per file

Icons and illustrations should be submitted one item per file, but you can upload multiple files at the same time. Do not upload composite files (contact sheets) that contain all of your icons/illustrations in a single file.

Multiple items per set

Each set should contain a minimum of 10 but not more than 50 icons/illustrations. Do not submit sets with one item only.

Square artboards

Additionally, your artboards should be perfectly square. It is up to you whether your artboards are 32 x 32, 64 x 64 or any size you choose (within reason, no artboards over 1024 x 1024 please). But they must be square. 512 x 512? Sure. 512 x 300 or even 512 x 511? No. Our system will not be able to process your images and they will not be published. 

Read more about Artboards and icon templates.

Importing the files

When your files have been uploaded, click on Import fiIes. Please fill in the set information (as shown in the screenshots below): 

  • Type

  • Name

  • Description

  • Family

  • Pricing

    Click on Continue.

Tagging your icons and illustrations

Adding good tags to your files is the single most important step in uploading. Tags are the only way a potential customer can find your icons so it is very important to add the right number of tags, and high-quality tags. When thinking of tags for your icons, follow these basic guidelines:

  1. Do not use tags that have nothing to do with your items. You may get your icons of camping equipment to show up when someone searches for SEO, but they won't buy them and it only makes their user experience bad, and that hurts the, the community, and you. Make your tags relevant.

  2. Think about how and why a customer is likely to use your work. What objects, ideas, or actions does your graphic represent and what are the most common words associated with that object, idea, or action. What words would a user most likely associate with the object, idea, or action your graphic describes?

  3. Do not include style, color, or your set or brand name in your tags. See #2 above. Only use highly tags that are highly descriptive of the idea the item represents, not the superficial attributes like "red" or "outline".

  4. Use between 3-9 tags. Our software is fine-tuned to treat anything more than 9  tags as "keyword spamming" and will rank your graphics lower in the search results.

Read more about Tags, Optimal number of tags and Tricks for auto-tagging.

After you have tagged all your work, click on Continue.

Styling your previews

Finally, choose the Style Preview for your set. You can select a preferred background color and also item color.

When you are done, click on Submit set.

Ready for review

Your set is now submitted. You can lay back and have a cup of coffee! ☕

Once it has been reviewed by our team, you will be contacted via email. 

We review all sets as fast as possible, but we receive a very high volume of submissions every day and it sometimes takes a little longer. The current average review time will be shown on the screen.

Once your work have been approved, they will be available on Iconfinder for users to purchase them. In order to get the sales revenue, you will need to provide an account (Paypal, Payoneer or Bank) for receiving cash outs from us. Read about How to request a cash out.

Furthermore, you can use the Sales Analytics tool in order to get an overview on how your items are performing in sales: Sales Analytics Overview. Please read the tutorial on How to use Sales Analytics.

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