Payment by invoice
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Payments via invoice are possible on Iconfinder only for the Pro subscriptions with annual billing. This means 12 months of subscription for either Pro Micro, Pro Standard, or Pro Ultimate.

Steps for paying via invoice:

  1. Create an account on Iconfinder

  2. Make sure to have your real name or company name on your account, together with your billing details. You can add these from Your account, by clicking on Edit profile details. These need to be complete and correct, as both your name/company name and the billing details will appear on the invoice.

  3. Write us to [email protected] and indicate which subscription you would like to pay for: annual Pro Micro, annual Pro Standard or annual Pro Ultimate. 

  4. We will send the invoice to your email address. You can pay it via bank transfer, Paypal or a credit card.

  5. Once we receive the payment of the invoice, we will activate the subscription for your Iconfinder account. 

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