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Your pack was rejected: What to do?

Understand what we consider as good icons, illustrations and stickers

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All content submitted to Iconfinder are manually checked by our Content team to ensure the right quality standards. In the unfortunate case that your pack is rejected, you will receive an email that contains customised feedback for your specific case. 

We strongly recommend that you learn about our Criteria for approving content

Things to take into account before uploading files:

1. Make sure to meet the specs.

  • One item per file. Do not upload all item in the same file. 

  • Upload in SVG format

  • Use the right artboard - read more about Artboards and templates.

  • Packs should be consistent - read about Consistency.

2. Make sure to meet the design quality standards.

Quality standards can be somewhat subjective. To understand what we look for in good quality, check out the tutorial Five easy steps for better icon design.

In general, we appreciate uniqueness and personal style. Graphics that are very basic and generic-looking might very often be rejected. This is because they don't have a recognisable style to make them unique or desirable to a customer. Good designers usually have a recognisable, signature style. Graphic marketplaces are very competitive and are saturated with a lot of high-quality content as well as a lot of options for every conceivable item. So, it is difficult to create something that stands out but that is really what it takes to be successful.

3. Make sure to upload items that are relevant for Iconfinder customers.

When we review packs, we look at how the pack fits with the rest of the content, and also at the potential appeal to our users. We are interested in relevance, quality, uniqueness, and variety. Read more about Pack variations

It is therefore important that you find out what customers are looking for. Most sales on Iconfinder come from subscription downloads and a lot of Pro subscribers buy entire packs or, at least, several items from the same pack. So, they are usually looking for a collection of UI elements that can be used together: Consistency. They don't really want 10 versions of the same item, but rather consistent items to be used on the same project. Read more about Consistency.

Read our Designer reports that go into detail about sales trends on Iconfinder. Be sure to read the explanations of each report and then click through to the spreadsheets. That is where the useful data is. Pay attention to the categories and styles that are selling best. Glyph (solid black) icons always sell well, so that's a good style to start with. Outline also does well, but glyph is probably easier to master. We suggest starting with the categories that are selling well (for example, Business & Finance is the best place to start).

It takes some time to learn how to read the reports and some trial-and-error to figure out what works on a marketplace. It may be easier to go with a well-established category to get some products out and then improve on the go. You can always check how your sales are doing in Sales Analytics.

Finally, check out these Tips and tricks for improving your sales on Iconfinder for more useful information.

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