At Iconfinder, we value copyright protection greatly. That's why we make sure all our designers are legit, and the icons they are selling on Iconfinder are, in fact, theirs to sell. When a designer passes the verification process, you can see a badge with a checkmark next to their profile picture.

The verification process

When a designer reaches $50 in sales, they can apply for the verification process. Here, they are required to provide their valid photo ID and proof of their icon ownership.

Designer identity

We check our designers' identity as we are legally required to know who we do business with. Moreover, it helps to assure the designer's credibility. If the designer account belongs to a team of more people, a representative designer is required to submit their ID.


In the next step, we review the copyright of their icons. Designers are asked to submit documentation with proof of their icon ownership. These include captures of different stages of the icon creation process like sketches, video tutorials, unfinished icons, or anything else that shows they are the icon creators. We take this point very seriously and often require designers to provide more documents if we don't find them sufficient.

Additional requests

Furthermore, we ask them to submit links to their other marketplaces or social media accounts if they have any. Seeing their work being sold or promoted elsewhere helps to recognize them as established designers and underlines their icon copyright.

After checking all documents and links provided, we mark the designer as verified and they receive the checkmark badge.

❗The badge means that the designer passed the verification process at the time when he submitted the documents. We are actively watching out for infringing material on Iconfinder but cannot guarantee all designers are complying with our rules at all times.

Are you a designer looking to get your account verified? Look at the article about Account verification.

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