We have opened the Iconfinder Community Forum for designers. The goal is to connect designers with each other, so you can share knowledge and also start some interesting design and business discussions from which everyone can learn. 

How to join the Forum

Go to the forum page: https://forum.iconfinder.com
Sign up using your Iconfinder account.
If you are asked for an Invite code, use the code "CONTRIBUTOR".

Forum structure

The forum is organised into different channels (also called tags), each corresponding to a different topic related to icon design. Posting under the different tags helps to keep the forum clean and orderly.

  • Design feedback -  Post work-in-progress and get valuable feedback about your icons and illustrations.

  • Business tips - This is the place to ask questions to the more experienced designers or to the Iconfinder team about the business. Here, the Iconfinder team will share insights about the market, customer feedback, and also more detailed data from the quarterly Icon designer reports we publish. 

  • Design tools & resources - Share tips & tricks for design-related tools or tell people about this handy new tutorial you've found.

  • Announcements - From time to time, Iconfinder will make announcements. These could be about new features, issues that have been fixed, etc. 

  • Feedback & ideas - Discuss what would make Iconfinder better for your and your customers.

  • Random discussions - Talk about anything you want. 

Forum rules

To keep the forum nice and relevant for everyone, please acknowledge and respect the forum rules: 

  1. Read others’ posts and replies before writing your own to avoid unnecessary duplicates.

  2. Stay on topic. Off-topic posts will be removed.

  3. Be kind to each other. Use polite language.

  4. Communicate in English.

  5. Be clear and concise and try to write your best English. This helps everyone. Use a grammar corrector if necessary.

  6. No spam (no shameless promotional material, no irrelevant posts with the goal of advertising, phishing, etc.)

  7. No personal copyright infringement claims. These will be written to [email protected]. General copyright discussions are allowed.

  8. Flag posts that do not follow these guidelines to help keep the forum clean and relevant.

How to create a post on the Forum

If you're new to the forum, start by introducing yourself. Your introduction post can be something like this: 

"Hi! My name is ...
I just joined the Iconfinder forum because I want to ..."

Use the button called Start a discussion.

Write your post. Remember to choose the right channel / tag that matches the topic of your post and, most importantly, also remember to add a relevant title.

When posting on the forum, remember to explain yourself as much as possible and give context for your question. This makes it easier for everyone. 

How to keep up to date with the forum 

To stay informed about what is going on on the forum, you have the option to follow discussions that you find interesting, so you can be notified about all replies.

You can also manage your notifications from Your settings

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