Welcome to the Iconfinder Help & Support. This article will guide you through the articles available. 

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Guide to the Help & Support page

The Help & Support page is divided into thematic collections:

  1. Guide to Iconfinder Help&Support. This collection explains how to use this support page.

  2. Quick Guide to Iconfinder. This collection is a to-go place for getting a quick and straight-forward introduction to the most important functionalities of Iconfinder. It includes info about how to get started, how to understand license agreements, the different purchasing options, how to upload icons or illustrations, how the referral program works, and how to order custom designs. 

  3. Pro subscription. All Information about how the Pro subscriptions work is included here. 

  4. Contributor's handbook. This collection of articles is dedicated to designers that sell their art through Iconfinder. It is a must-read for all designers. 

  5. Icon Editor. Everything related to modifying icons in our Icon Editor is included in this collection. 

  6. Purchasing and downloading. This collection talks about everything related to purchases on Iconfinder: from payment methods, to receipts and invoices to info about how to download your purchased items.

  7. Ownership and Licenses. Here we cover everything related to intellectual property rights applied to all material on Iconfinder. It is dedicated to customers who want to know more about the license agreements that protect the material sold on Iconfinder. 

  8. Tips and tricks for finding icons and illustrations. Here we present some tips for easily finding icons using the search functionality on Iconfinder. 

  9. User account management. This collection includes everything you need to know about your user account on Iconfinder: usernames and passwords, billing details, login and more.

  10. Collections. Here you can find information about how to manage Collections of bookmarked icons and illustrations. 

  11. Team plans. This collection of articles includes information about how to invite members to your team on Iconfinder and share the benefits of the Pro subscription and the Collections. 

  12. Bugs and technical questions. It covers topics such as reporting a bug or security vulnerabilities. 

  13. API solution. This collection comprises everything about integrating the Iconfinder API into your product: from API documentation, API demo, to frequently asked questions and legal terms. 

  14. Legal information. Find here our terms of service, our refund policy, and policy for notifications. 

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