As a Pro Subscriber, you get these advantages:  

  1. It is easy to use. 

  2. It is cheaper if you need a lot of icons and/or illustrations 

  3. License agreements are simplified.

  4. Unused credits are rolled over 

  5. You can add team members to the subscription

Easy to use

When you are a Pro subscriber, you do not need to worry about purchasing individual products one by one and bother with frequent credit card or Paypal payments. 

Once you subscribe, your subscription will stay active until you cancel it. The subscription automatically renews once a month (or year - depending on which billing you chose) and your credit card is automatically billed. 

Renewals will happen every month for monthly billing and every 12 months for annual billing. You can cancel the subscription any time to stop the automatic renewal. Here you can find out How to cancel your subscription.

With Pro Micro and Pro Standard plans, you get 10 and 50 fresh credits every month, respectively. On a Pro Ultimate subscription plan, you get 500 new credits each month.

Credits are Iconfinder's own currency and they stand for unique product downloads. You will be able to see how many credits a product costs before deciding to download it. Learn more about credits.

It is cheaper if you need a lot of content

When buying products individually, without a subscription, the price will be $2 per icon and $4+ per illustration. With a subscription, you will spend 1 credit per icon and 5 credits per illustration. So, if you need many icons or illustrations, it is cheaper to get a Pro subscription. Read more about whether to get a subscription or buy products individually in this article.

Basic license for all premium content

As a Pro subscriber, you do not need to worry about different license agreements for premium content. All premium content that you download will be covered by the Basic license. This allows you to use the icons and illustrations for commercial purposes and without giving attribution to the designer.

❗ Note: You will still need to check the license agreement for non-premium content that you download. Read more about licenses in the License overview.

Unused credits are rolled over

Unused credits will roll over to the following month, so you will get the chance to use them later. So, for the Pro Micro subscription, you will receive 10 credits every month, plus the unused credits from past months. You can roll over a maximum of 60 credits for the Pro Micro. In the case of Pro Standard, you get 50 new credits every month, plus the credits you did not use in the previous months. You can accumulate up to 300 credits for the Pro Standard subscription. And for the Pro Ultimate, you receive 500 credits per month and you can accumulate up to 3000 credits.

❗ Note that, if you cancel, your unused credits will expire at the same time as your subscription expires. 

Read more about Roll-over credits

You can add team members to the subscription

For all subscription plans, you can add team members, so you can share the benefits of the subscription with your colleagues. Your team members will get access to make downloads and you can create shared collections.

Read about Team plans


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