Well, it depends on how many icons you need. 

If you need 19 icons or less

Usually, the minimum price of an icon is $2. There might be the case that the icons you need cost less than $19. In this case, buying icons one by one is the most cost-effective choice, so you can choose to pay-as-you-go. For this, you will need to make a prepayment to your account balance. Once you have a positive balance, you can start buying the icons you need. Read here about how to make a prepayment to your account balance

If you need 19 icons or more

In this other case, choosing to subscribe to Pro Starter for 1 month might be better for you, since you get a total of 50 icons for $19/month. 

If you need A LOT more icons

Then, the Pro Unlimited subscription might be the best option. You can download unlimited icons for $49/month.

As a note, if you are not planning to use the subcription for longer than 1 month, you'll need to actively cancel the subscription before the billing period is due, as you will be automatically billed for the following months, otherwise. You can cancel your subscription anytime from Your account page. Read here about How to cancel your subscription.

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