Welcome to Iconfinder! We are happy to have you on board and we have prepared a short overview of how to get started and have access to lots of amazing icons. There are 3 steps to start using Iconfinder:

  1. Sign up 
  2. Subscribe or Pay-as-you-go
  3. Search for icons and download

Where to start

Once you have created an account, your Dashboard is the perfect place to start.

From your dashboard, you can see your Transaction history, access your Downloads and icon Collections. Take a look at the menu on the left for more. 

Subscribe or Pay-as-you-go?

Subscriptions are monthly auto-renewing plans which give access to download a number of icons. You can subscribe from here. You need a valid credit/debit card to activate the subscription. 

  • Pro Starter: $19 /month for 50 downloads 
  • Pro Unlimited: $49 /month for unlimited downloads. It includes downloads in Iconjar format and the option to add team members to the subscription plan.

You can choose to subscribe annually and get 2 months for free. Just check the annual billing option on the Subscribe page.


This option allows buying only the icons you need, without being enrolled on a subscription plan. Make a prepayment to your account balance using credit/debit card or Paypal. Once your account balance has a positive amount, then you can buy the icons you need. The price of each icon will be charged from your account balance. The minimum prepayment is $2. Read more about it here: How to make a prepayment

Search for icons and download

Type the keywords in the search field. 

Refine the results using the filters on the left. Choose the icon style at the bottom of the page.

You can bookmark the icons that you like by clicking on the small heart that accompanies each icon. All icons you have bookmarked can be found under the Collections tab. Read more about Collections here.

Are you an icon designer?

We would love to have your icons on Iconfinder. If you want to become a contributor and earn from icon design, make sure to read our Contributor’s handbook.
Here you can read more about how to upload your first icons to Iconfinder.

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