This article is about purchasing a yearly subscription on Iconfinder. If you are already a subscriber and you are billed on a monthly basis, you can also change the billing period to annual.  The annual billing is very convenient if you don't wish to make small repeated payments. With the annual billing, you get 2 months for free on any Iconfinder subscription.

If you are a new user or you are not subscribed

Please start by choosing a subscription plan from the frontpage, as in the screenshot below.

The next step is to make your choice for the subscription plan: Starter or Unlimited and then, check the "Annual billing" box.

If you don't have a user account, you will be asked to create one and then to fill in your billing details.

If you are already a Pro subscriber, please follow the instructions below.

On the next page, please choose "Annual billing" by checking the box and remember to confirm the changes. You will be able to see the first billing date for your subscription. In case you want to go back to monthly billing, you just need to uncheck the "Annual billing" box.

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