When you subscribe to one of our subscription plans, the subscription will automatically renew. If you want to avoid being automatically charged for the new billing period, make sure to cancel your subscription before the end of the current billing period.

Cancelling subscriptions
To unsubscribe, go to your account's dashboard page, click "Change Plan" on the top right of the page and "Cancel subscription" button. Read here about How to cancel your subscription/unsubscribe.

Refunding subscriptions
As a rule, you can be refunded for the current billing period if you did not download any icons after your subscription was renewed. For annual subscriptions, you should request the refund within 30 days from the date of subscription renewal.

Note: you can be refunded ONLY for the current billing period. Retrospective refunds are not possible.

Refunding prepayments
You cannot refund any prepayments even if you did not use it to purchase any icons. Unused credits will expire if not spent after 3 years from the moment the prepayment was made.

Other refunds

You will be refunded in situations when you are charged incorrectly due to technical problems and in case of fraudulent payments. 

To contact our team, send us an email on support@iconfinder.com.

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