This is a legal agreement between you, the Purchaser, and the Licensor (Iconfinder ApS). Purchasing or downloading of any icon or icons set (Licensed Material), constitutes your acceptance of the terms of this agreement if it is clearly noted that the Extended license applies for the specific purchase.

Grant of rights

The Extended license grants you, the Purchaser, a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use the Licensed Material. The Licensed Material is permitted to be used:

  • For any personal, commercial, editorial or client purpose
  • In an altered, cropped or otherwise modified or manipulated way

The Licensed Material may be reproduced in:

  • Printed Material
  • Advertisements
  • Packaging
  • Presentations
  • Video
  • On-line content
  • Computer games
  • Multimedia projects
  • Smartphone and desktop apps - both free and paid.
  • In work intended to be reproduced by third party, for example:any electronic, web, design or presentation template
  • On physical items for resale or on any similar mass produced item


All ownership and copyright of the Licensed Material remain the property of copyright holder. The copyright of Licensed Material is transferred to the Purchaser in purchase of the Licensed Material. The Licensed Material or any derivative work based on the Licensed Material may not be directly or indirectly licensed, sublicensed, sold, resold or redistributed alone - even for free.

The Licensed Material may not be placed:

  • On any website in a complete or archived downloadable format
  • On any electronic bulletin board or downloadable format

The Licensed Material may not be:

  • Sold or redistributed as part of an icon set
  • Incorporated into a logo or other trademark
  • Used to create pornographic, libellous, obscene or defamatory Material.


The following examples, on how to use or not to use Licensed Material purchased under the Extended License, are based on frequently asked questions from other users.

The Licensed material can be resold as part of mass distributed digital products

When you buy an icon, you gain the rights to use it in commercial and non-commercial projects. You can use it for your own or your client's website, app, presentation etc. The Extended license grants you the rights to resell the icons as a part of your product. However, selling the icons individually or as sets is not allowed. The icons must be sold as a part of your own product. The icons cannot be the product itself.

You are, for example, free to use the icons in a SaaS analytics dashboard product you sell to customers. You can use the icons e.g. in a dashboard Bootstrap UI theme that you sell on a theme marketplace. The Extended license gives you the rights to resell the icons as part of digital products like:

  • Themes
  • UI-kits
  • Software frameworks
  • In-app purchase icon packs

The  icons can be used on merchandise for sale

Using the icons on T-shirts and other types of physical products is fine, and under the Extended license reselling these products is permitted. You can print an icon on a T-shirt for yourself, a client or for internal use in your company. You are allowed to print the icons on a shirt and then resell the shirt as a product.

The icons cannot be used as logos

In many ways icons are like logos. The artwork is simple and elegant, and often has a very clear and easy to understand meaning. Neither the Extended license nor the Basic license permit the icons to be used as logos. Your logo has to be unique, otherwise it cannot be trademarked. Also, if you try to trademark a logo that is an icon, the designer of the icon can have a conflicting copyright ownership. We therefore do not allow the usage of the Licensed material as logos.

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