If you have a large amount of icons to upload to your Iconfinder seller page and want to avoid tagging every icon individually, there is a way you can do this faster.

It is possible to “auto-tag” icons using the names of the files. For example, if you have an icon of a dog that is a Labrador Retriever you can name the file something like “dog-labrador-retriever-pet.svg” and the tags “dog”, “labrador”, “retriever”, and “pet” will automatically be added by the Iconfinder upload script.

You will still have to name the files though, but you can include this into your work routine. One way to do this is by renaming the artboards in Illustrator the way you want the files to be named. Illustrator has an option to use the artboards to save the files.

In case you have a very large amount of icons that require tagging, Iconfinder can do the tagging for you as a paid service. If you would like to hire us for the tagging, please send us an email to support@iconfinder.com.

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