Sizes will differ depending on whether you are creating vector (SVG) icons or raster icons (PNG). We will accept raster icons but we - and Iconfinder customers - strongly prefer vector icons. We encourage you to submit only vector icons if possible.

Size of vector iconĀ 

While vector icons are scalable to any size and are resolution-independent, you should use a grid that is compatible with the target operating system. Also it is important that your artboards are perfectly square in order for our system to process them correctly. For your convenience, you can download our vector icon templates in Adobe Illustrator format.

Size of raster icon

In order to provide sufficient image data for crisp icon rendering and to be usable in as many scenarios as possible, we require raster icons to be a minimum of 256 x 256 pixels. Additionally, raster icons should be saved with transparency enabled to allow icons to be used on any background. If your icon uses a transparent background and does not have the same width and heigh, at least one of the dimensions should be at least 256 pixels. For instance, if your icon is a landscape-oriented rectangle, the longest dimension (in this case the width) should be at least 256 pixels.

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