Once you make enough icon sales, you can request your earnings to be paid through a cash out. Cash outs are only possible for verified contributors. If you are a verified contributor, please read Step 2. If you are not a verified contributor, go to Step 1.

Step 1. How to verify your account

For legal reasons, we can only make payments to contributors whose account has been verified. In order to verify your account, we need to check your identity and the copyright of the icons that you are selling on Iconfinder.

Once you reach $50 in sales, we'll send you an email with instructions on how to verify your account. 

In the meantime, you can read more detailed information on the Account verification process

Step 2. How to request a cash out 

Once your account is verified and you have reached at least $100 in icon sales, you can request a cash out. You can choose your Cash out settings from your account dashboard. You can request for your cash to be transferred to PayPal, Skrill or a bank account. 

Option 1: Paypal

To request a cash out to PayPal, add your email address and remember to click on Request cashout to PayPal button. 

Option 2: Skrill

To cash out through Skrill, add your email address and click on Request cashout to Skrill button. 

Option 3: Bank account

We require more information for the bank transfers: IBAN, SWIFT code, Beneficiary name, Billing address, Bank name and Bank address. It is very important that all information is correct and complete. In case something is missing or you filled in the wrong information, your cash out will fail.
Note: Bank cashouts lower than $500 will be applied an $8 fee.

Remember to click on Request cashout to Bank account button. 

What cash out option should I choose? 

It depends. Cash outs are paid every 7-10 days. Once the cash out has been paid, it can take some time to reach your account, depending on the cash out option that you have chosen.

Paypal and Skrill are usually faster to arrive (within a few minutes) than bank transfers. International bank transfers can take up to 10 days to reach you because they usually pass through intermediary banks. 

Availability in your country:
Paypal and Skrill are not available in some countries. If that is the case for you, bank transfers are the best option to go with.

All services have different fees and you will have to evaluate which is the best for you. Iconfinder will apply a $8 fee for bank cash outs that are lower than $500.

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