If you are interested in becoming a selling contributor on Iconfinder, make sure to get familiar with this document. Once you have created an account you can begin uploading your premium icons.

A 70/30 split

Every time a user buys one of your icons, you get paid. We split the profit 70/30. You get the 70 %. In some cases where the buyer is in EU we have to add VAT to the prices of the site. To keep the complexity low we have decided to keep the prices the same for all users, no matter where they are in the world. That means an icon set you want to sell at $10 will always show the price tag $10. However, we still have to pay VAT, so this is done this way: The price for EU citizens is changed to $8 and the 25% VAT is added resulting in the $10 price tag. The $8 are then split 70/30%, you will receive $8 * 70% = $5.6.

Who sets the prices?

You set your own prices, but we help guide you and your fellow contributors to create a homogenous marketplace. To benefit the consumer, we would like to make it super simple for the users to buy icons. Pricing across icon sets should make sense when they are all gathered in a single place. At the same time, we are not interested in a price war between icon designers where the prices are pushed down. We are not going to be the cheapest place to buy icons - our goal is convenience and high quality. You won't see a 10x in difference in sales if you sell an icon at $0.1 instead of $1.0

Can Iconfinder change the price of my icons?

Yes. Our goal is to be the best marketplace for both consumers and contributors. We will notify all designers on email before any price changes.

Can I sell on my own site?

Yes. You can sell on your own site and any other marketplace and still earn the full 70% cut when selling on Iconfinder.

Will prices be the same on my personal site?

While you are free to price your icons as you see fit, we suggest not undermining the value of your own work.

Sales to Iconfinder Pro subscribers

When you sell icons in the normal pay-as-you-go manner, you will see the cash in your account immediately. For active Iconfinder Pro subscribers we put 70% of what they pay in a single pool. We divide this pool of cash between the icon designers whose icons have been downloaded by these Iconfinder Pro users. This calculation is performed for the date a month prior. 

The price per download can vary - typically between USD 0.50 and 1.50. 

Cash-out policy

Monthly payments will be done in USD with either PayPal, Skrill or wire transfer (SWIFT fees apply). Minimum cash out limit is 100 USD.

Fees and wire transfer

Iconfinder will transfer money from our bank in Denmark. The money will be transferred as USD. There might be fees added from your own bank, which Iconfinder will not cover e.g. if you don't have an account with USD as the currency. The fees are often fixed and not relative to the amount transferred, so it can be a good idea to transfer more than $100 when using wire transfer. To get more information about the specific details about the fees, please contact your bank.

Refunds, downloads and sales

Refunds happen when a stolen credit card has been used to make prepayments and purchase icons. In these rare cases, the money is returned to the bank account of the rightful owner. To avoid scammers benefiting from using stolen credit cards, all transactions made from the scammer's user account are reversed and the account is deleted. If you experience suspicious activity, please contact support@iconfinder.com

Downloads and sales are not the same. A user can purchase an icon and choose to download in multiple formats e.g. SVG and AI. This would result in 1 sale and 2 downloads.


All icons will be sold under the Iconfinder Basic license. It’s a fair and easy to understand license that allows commercial use, but prohibits redistribution.
Read the Basic license: https://www.iconfinder.com/licenses/basic

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